Cornerstone (PLLC)

All professional engineering work is performed by duly licensed professional engineers under the appropriate state-registered professional entity. Entity names are as follows:

  • New York: Cornerstone Engineering, Geology, and Land Surveying, PLLC
  • Connecticut: Cornerstone Engineering Group LLC
  • North Carolina: CEG Engineering, PLLC

These three entities, referred to as “Cornerstone” for marketing purposes, have established a reputation for quality engineering services built on our commitment to customer satisfaction. Since 2015, Cornerstone subcontracts services to Tetra Tech, Inc. This relationship broadens our technical project execution capabilities in numerous markets. The dynamic between Tetra Tech and Cornerstone allows us to easily access various technical skills and local offices around the country.

Our professional and technical team has extensive, directly applicable, experience with civil, environmental, geotechnical, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering disciplines. Cornerstone has completed successful designs, permitting, construction, and certifications of solid waste facilities projects under the purview of multiple regulatory agencies.

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