Site and Civil Design Services

Solutions that are integrated with overall facility design and maximize our clients’ assets.

Site and civil design features are critical elements of any development, but are often overlooked unless they are causing a problem. Cornerstone’s experts work with clients to ensure the proper layout and design so crucial to providing smooth and safe access, properly managing stormwater to prevent flooding, installing needed site utilities, and meeting local planning and zoning requirements.

Our site and civil design solutions are integrated into the overall design of the facility and include innovative ways to maximize the facility’s operational flexibility, while complying with regulatory requirements. We look for opportunities to incorporate civil design features that make efficient use of scarce resources and provide environmental benefits.

Cornerstone staff has years of experience designing and permitting site improvements and civil features at solid waste, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Whether it’s civil engineering for building and support facilities, potable water lines, sanitary sewer connections, site grading, surface water controls, or parking and access, Cornerstone can provide expert site and civil designs that meet your objectives.

Our Site and Civil services include:

  • Development of site layouts
  • Site design engineering
  • Floodplain delineation
  • Surface water and stormwater management design
  • Local development agency approvals
  • Environmental engineering

How Can We Help You?

  • Are you looking to site a new or expand an existing development?
  • Are you experiencing problems with your drainage, site utilities, or traffic flow?
  • Would you like to improve operational efficiency by reconfiguring site features?
  • Do you need help obtaining approvals from local development agencies?

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Project Experience

Our work freed up valuable real estate and provided space for site features

Stream relocation accommodates facility development

Civil design for 6-story senior housing downtown development

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“Site and Civil design is as much about common sense as it is knowing the regulations, and my construction background allows me to design systems that will work in the field.”

Mark Case
Senior CADD Designer