Engineering & Environmental Consulting Services

We provide a range of specialized services spanning multiple markets, based on understanding our clients’ needs and ultimate objectives. To advance the state of practice and provide forward looking sustainable projects, when the benefits are clear, Cornerstone implements new technology and reaches for the next innovation.

Cornerstone approaches every project with an understanding of our client’s needs and ultimate objectives. This deep understanding allows us to focus our consulting services on fully satisfying our client. Our client focus has earned us trust and relationships that have lasted for decades. Our attention to quality, safety and innovation set us apart.

Results oriented

Cornerstone provides cost-effective results that serve our clients’ long-term needs. We have found that less expensive approaches may initially be attractive, but implementation of a second or third iteration almost always comes with an unattractive and unanticipated price tag.

Technically sound

Cornerstone’s expert staff focuses on the development of approaches based on sound technical principles. Our project teams consist of nationally recognized leaders in the technical disciplines that contribute to each project. We have earned the respect of clients and regulators.

Quality focused

At Cornerstone, quality is work that is done right, on time, and on budget. Project deliverables are prepared in accordance with Cornerstone’s Quality Control Policy, a uniform company-wide policy that incorporates internal reviews and provides company standards for our work.

Safety commitment

Cornerstone is committed to 360 degree safety, including personal safety of our staff at home, in the office, and in the field, as well as the design of projects for safe implementation and operation.

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“Cornerstone has demonstrated an ability to focus on the unique characteristics of each site and the needs of each client.”

Virginia Robbins
Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

All professional engineering work is performed by duly licensed professional engineers under the appropriate state-registered professional entity. Representations made on the website using the names Cornerstone, Cornerstone Environmental or Cornerstone Environmental Group are for marketing purposes only. 

Entity names are as follows:

  • Cornerstone Engineering and Land Surveying, PLLC (NY)
  • Cornerstone Engineering Group LLC (CT)
  • CEG Engineering, PLLC (NC)