Landfill Engineering and Design Services

Our focus includes application of time-tested and emerging techniques that enhance environmental performance while improving the facility’s bottom line.

Cornerstone’s engineers and scientists continue to be at the forefront of comprehensive landfill facility planning, design, permitting, construction, operations, closure, monitoring and compliance. While also developing and implementing new approaches to reduce, reuse and recycle, landfill operations remain the backbone of solid waste management.

For the foreseeable future, landfills are a necessary component of the waste management strategy, backstopping new initiatives and providing safe disposal of materials that cannot be recovered through other methods.

Our Landfill Engineering and Design services include:

  • Landfill site master planning, design and permitting
  • Baseliner and final cover design/geosynthetics
  • Geotechnical/site characterization/slope stability
  • Leachate collection system design/recirculation/bioreactor
  • Landfill gas collection and control
  • Air compliance
  • Infrastructure and stormwater control design
  • Landfill closure/financial plan/funding
  • Landfill reclamation/mining/redevelopment
  • Construction management, procurement
  • Construction quality assurance
  • Operational assistance

How Can We Help You?

  • Need more airspace in your existing footprint?
  • Generating too much leachate?
  • Want to learn how to generate revenue from existing facility resources?
  • Neighbors complaining about odor?

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Project Experience

Successful design and permitting of sustainable landfill project

Years of comprehensive services at nationally recognized landfill

Greenfield site permitting and development for a large regional municipal solid waste landfill facility

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“The services that Cornerstone provides us are extensive, and go much further than just engineering design work.”

Martin L. Ryan, P.E., P.P.
Ocean County Landfill Corporation