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Western Placer Waste Management Authority – Compliance and Operations and Maintenance Services for Western Regional Sanitary Landfill

Maintaining site compliance while minimizing operations downtime

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Cornerstone is currently performing landfill gas (LFG) system compliance and operations and maintenance services for the Western Placer Waste Management Authority’s Western Regional Sanitary Landfill (WRSL), a 231-acre landfill located near Sacramento in Lincoln, California. Work includes LFG wellfield tuning and maintenance, surface emissions monitoring, flare station operations, operating and maintaining leachate pumps, perimeter probe monitoring, and performing general maintenance.  Cornerstone prepares monthly and quarterly compliance reports based on environmental data collected in the field.

Cornerstone maintains LFG quality and supply for the onsite LFG-to-energy power plant (operated by others) while maintaining site compliance. Cornerstone maintains working relationships with power plant operators to minimize downtime of LFG system equipment both for maintaining site compliance and providing LFG to the power plant operator.

Most recently, Cornerstone prepared WRSL’s updated Gas Collection and Control System Design Plan and updated Surface Emissions Monitoring Plan to meet recent changes in California surface emissions monitoring requirements.

Key Project Activities

  • LFG wellfield tuning and maintenance
  • Compliance reporting
  • Surface emissions monitoring and reporting
  • LFG migration probe monitoring and reporting
  • Repairing and replacing leachate and condensate sump pumps
  • Recommending improvements to recover additional LFG
  • Coordinating with on-site LFG-to-energy power plant operator