Project Experience

Pollution Control Financing Authority of Camden County (PCFA)

Pennsauken Sanitary Landfill
Pennsauken Township, New Jersey


Cornerstone personnel provided groundwater remediation services for the Pollution Control Financing Authority of Camden County’s (PCFA’s) 150-acre Pennsauken Sanitary Landfill. The work included groundwater flow and solute transport models, a comprehensive groundwater report, application of environmental forensics for fingerprinting of groundwater contamination, and preparation of Remedial Action Work Plans and approval from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for an in-situ air sparging remedy.
Cornerstone personnel performed groundwater modeling to assess the nature and extent of contamination and estimated times for groundwater restoration. Work also included preparation of a comprehensive groundwater report to demonstrate the updated understanding of groundwater flow and contaminant transport, the off-site groundwater plume configuration, and the impact of a previously constructed low permeability cap.
An analysis of major and minor ions, including iodide and bromide, was used to help define the impact of the landfill. Based on the studies conducted, Cornerstone personnel prepared both a conceptual and then a final Remedial Action Work Plan for the remedy approval process with the NJDEP for an in-situ air sparging remedy.
An added benefit of the work performed was the settlement of litigation, originally valued at $120,000,000, for approximately a tenth of the original estimated value.

Key Project Activities

  • Three-dimensional groundwater flow and solute transport modeling
  • Simulation of both regional and site-specific model grids
  • Evaluation of groundwater-surface-water interaction along Delaware River and Pennsauken Creek
  • Major and minor ion plots
  • Assessment of landfill remedial action alternatives
  • Remedial Action Work Plans