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Pellitteri Waste Systems, Inc. – Materials Recovery and Transfer Facility Design, Permitting, and Construction Assistance for Pellitteri Materials Recovery/Transfer Station

Design accommodates potential for future uses and processes

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Cornerstone provided design, permitting, zoning and public hearing support and construction assistance services for Pellitteri Transfer and Waste Co.’s new 30,000 square foot materials recovery/transfer station (MRF/TS) facility, located in an industrial park on Madison, Wisconsin’s southeast side. Since opening the MRF/TS in 2010, Pellitteri won the City of Madison single stream recyclables collection contract, and is adding a 55,000 square foot materials sorting facility. Cornerstone assisted Pellitteri in the concept layout and facility integration for the new processing building.

To accommodate the potential for alternative future uses and processes, Cornerstone incorporated an expandable layout into the MRF/TS design by considering building location and shape, internal tipping areas, floor elevations, building structural layout, and vehicle access. The benefits of the design forethought have already been found useful with the recent integration of the materials sorting facility.

Key Project Activities

  • Building and support facilities design
  • Innovative design of separation, sorting and recovery systems
  • Optimization of existing site usage, layout, access routes
  • Extensive site grading and stormwater management designs
  • Site utilities layout
  • Solid waste capacity analyses
  • Construction design interpretation