Project Experience

Waste Management – Design and Consulting Services for Redwood Landfill, Inc.

Converting composting operations and increasing daily feedstock

Redwood organicsCornerstone is providing design and consulting services for Waste Management’s Redwood Landfill, Inc. (RLI), a California landfill converting its windrow composting operations to an aerated static pile (ASP) composting facility. Daily waste per day is increasing from 150 tons of green waste per day to 514 tons of green waste and commercial food waste per day.

Cornerstone provided consulting services to evaluate the potential for managing the increase in feedstock, the layout that would be needed to accommodate increased feedstock, aeration requirements for the type of feedstock anticipated, and blower and piping needs for providing aeration.

Following review of the proposed design, Cornerstone performed a pilot study with the construction of the piping and set-up of a blower with full-scale sized and half-sized piles to evaluate the proposed piping size and frequency with the proposed pile aeration.

Additional work includes preparation of construction level drawings for the layout of the facility. Following the pilot study, modifications to the aeration and the biofilter design will be updated to reflect pilot study results. Cornerstone also assisted with procurement of equipment and evaluation of bids.

Key Project Activities

  • Evaluation of potential to increase feedstock
  • Layout preparation
  • Evaluation of aeration requirements
  • Development of pilot study
  • Preparation of construction drawing
  • Procurement assistance