Project Experience

Orange County Department of Public Works, NY – Materials Recovery and Transfer Facility Design, Permitting, and Construction Services for Two Materials Recovery/Transfer Stations

Expert design focused on new and expanded facilities

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Cornerstone provided design and development services for the Orange County Department of Public Works, Division of Environmental Facilities and Services’ (DEF&S) transfer station/materials recovery facility (MRF) in Goshen, NY. The facility includes a 15,000 square foot (sq ft) transfer station building, and an 8,000 sq ft recyclables handling pavilion.

Cornerstone performed an in-depth design evaluation of the proposed facility, optimized the previously proposed facility design, and provided fast-track development of detailed construction bid documents. Cornerstone’s construction phasing plan allowed the County to continue existing site operations during construction of the facility.

In addition, Cornerstone is providing services to optimize the efficiency of the DEF&S transfer facility in Newburgh, NY.

As a result of the optimization effort, the transfer building has been designed to accommodate increased capacity under the roof of a 15,000 sq ft transfer building while the residential drop-off area has been reconfigured to boost safety, streamline transactions, and enhance traffic flow.

Key Project Activities

  • Design revisions to transfer station building and recyclables handling pavilion
  • Construction bid package preparation
  • Optimization of transfer station on-site access routes
  • Extensive site grading and stormwater management designs
  • Site utilities layout
  • Solid waste throughput and storage capacity analyses
  • Geotechnical investigation and foundation report
  • Construction support services
  • Engineering, design, and permitting of expanded transfer station building
  • Improvements to onsite vehicular circulation and scaling
  • Improvements to residential drop-off area
  • Redesigned site appurtenances, including stormwater and leachate management systems
  • Optimization of site operations