Project Experience

Confidential Client – Hydrogeologic Investigation, Focused Feasibility Study and GWTP Design for the Myers Property Superfund Site

Investigation leads to improvements that show groundwater extraction system is effective

Myers Property Superfund SiteCornerstone personnel provided hydrogeological and remediation services to a confidential client at the Myers Property Superfund Site, a historic mill in New Jersey that was used to manufacture pesticides in the mid-1900s. Site work included:

  • A dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) investigation
  • A hydrogeologic investigation for the design of a groundwater containment system
  • Preparation of a bid package for the demolition of the building and debris management
  • Preparation of a detailed engineering design package for the site’s groundwater extraction and treatment system
  • Construction assistance and coordination of annual off-site residential well sampling

Cornerstone personnel performed an aquifer test to determine the properties of the highly permeable fractured rock aquifer. A groundwater flow model was then applied and calibrated to define groundwater flow directions in the anisotropic rock and to design the DNAPL zone groundwater containment system and groundwater reinjection system for treated groundwater. Using High Resolution Acoustical Televiewer (HRAT) logs to confirm the site conceptual model, Cornerstone experts identified why several key monitoring points were not responding to the interim groundwater extraction system. This was the basis for identifying the location and depth of additional extraction wells.

Since installation and operation of these new extraction wells, the monitoring wells of interest have shown a steady decline in contaminant concentrations.

Key Project Activities

  • Soil and bedrock DNAPL investigation
  • Monitoring, extraction and reinjection well installation
  • Aquifer testing
  • Engineering and design services
  • Downhole geophysical logging
  • Feasibility study
  • Environmental monitoring services, including groundwater, potable water, and treatment plant operation