Project Experience

Confidential Client – Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Development, Site/Civil Engineering, and Permitting Services for Marble River Wind Farm

Compliance services help get innovative wind energy project up and running

Marble River Wind FarmCornerstone personnel worked as primary author, technical lead, and CAD support for development of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), SPDES permitting, and project layout construction drawing development for the Marble River Wind Farm, in the towns of Ellenburg and Clinton, New York. The wind farm project consists of 110 wind turbine generator sites, each with a total generating capacity of 2.1 megawatts (MW), for a total project generating capacity of 229 MW. Implementation of the project and ultimate maintenance of the project involves construction of 41 miles of gravel access roads, 55 miles of underground electric collection cable, an operation and maintenance building, a new substation, and 110 tower construction/access pads spread out over an 18,000-acre project area.

Cornerstone personnel met with both the client and the regulators to develop an appropriate stormwater management plan for the project. They then developed SWPPPs for various portions of the project, depending upon the project construction schedule.

Notice of Intent/permitting documentation was submitted on behalf of the client to obtain coverage for stormwater runoff associated with the proposed construction activity (the NYSDEC General Permit) for all portions of the project.

Cornerstone employees also developed construction plans, showing wind turbine layout, drainage, grading and erosion and sediment control details, and specifications.

Key Project Activities

  • SWPPP development
  • Stormwater management planning
  • SPDES permitting
  • Regulatory discussions
  • Site/civil engineering
  • Permitting