Project Experience

DKL Holdings, Inc. – Landfill Siting and Zoning, Permitting, and Design Services for Marana Regional Landfill

Greenfield site permitting and development for a large regional municipal solid waste landfill facility

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Cornerstone is providing assistance to DKL Holdings during the development of the Marana Regional Landfill, a “greenfield” municipal solid waste landfill site located in Marana, Arizona. Cornerstone provided technical assistance during the rezoning process, and is now providing permitting and design services in support of the Solid Waste Facility Plan document to be submitted to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for review and Master Facility Plan Approval.

Cornerstone’s work includes permit-level design of the landfill and supporting facilities, including landfill entrance facilities, surface water control channels and diversion berms, screening berms, site roadways, stormwater management channels and berms, monitoring systems, and paved access roadway.

The work also included groundwater/hydrogeological characterization studies, engineering demonstrations, and other environmental/administrative demonstrations. In addition, Cornerstone is also providing management and primary design services required for obtaining Development Plan approval for the landfill facilities, as well as necessary off-site improvements.

Key Project Activities

  • Municipal solid waste landfill siting assistance
  • Preliminary design
  • Public participation and community relations
  • Presentations to Planning & Zoning Commission and Town Council
  • Site permitting and development
  • Development plan preparation
  • Permitting for landfill support facilities