Project Experience

Confidential Client – Remediation Services for LCP Chemical Superfund Site

Helping develop a practicable solution for former chlor-alkali plant

LCP ChemicalsCornerstone personnel have provided remediation services to a confidential client as part of the planned remediation of the LCP Chemicals, Inc. Superfund site in Linden, New Jersey. The site is the location of a former chlor-alkali manufacturing facility. The primary contaminant of concern at the site is mercury. Mercury is present in the former manufacturing area within building materials and in soils. In some locations, mercury is present as visible, elemental mercury. Historic fill is also present on the site complicating overall site remediation.

Cornerstone’s primary task was to complete a Feasibility Study (FS) of remedial alternatives. The work included developing a practical definition of material subject to treatment, determining how to estimate mercury vapor emissions of different remedial alternatives, establishing disposal options for any suggested off-site management options, and understanding viable treatment methods.

As a part of the project, Cornerstone developed a treatability study work plan to assess sulfur-based treatment alternatives being considered. The FS presented a range of alternatives including containment, treatment using sulfur to convert elemental mercury to mercuric sulfide, and off-site disposal. Cornerstone experts focused on presenting alternatives in a way that would result in a practicable outcome.

Key Project Activities

  • Mercury emissions estimates
  • Treatability study statement of work
  • Treatability study work plan
  • Feasibility study