Project Experience

IESI – Seneca Meadows, Inc. – Landfill Expansion

Successful design and permitting of major expansion near inactive hazardous waste site

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Cornerstone personnel helped lead a multi-disciplinary team assembled by Seneca Meadows Inc. (SMI), owners of the largest privately held solid waste management facility in New York State, to prepare a landfill expansion application under New York State’s solid waste management regulations.

Cornerstone’s role on the landfill expansion team included implementation of a detailed site investigation and preparation of an environmental monitoring plan for groundwater, leachate, gas, and surface water. The Cornerstone team also investigated whether an adjacent inactive hazardous waste site could be separately monitored, so the landfill expansion would not affect future remedial options for the inactive hazardous waste site.

Cornerstone prepared engineering design drawings, and acted as overall coordinator of the design efforts of the various consultants. Design work included preparation of a variety of analyses, including baseliner settlement/post-settlement slope, baseliner uplift/porewater removal, perimeter berm stability, and landfill final cover stability.

Other key tasks included preparation of a comprehensive drainage analysis and design of the stormwater conveyance systems and erosion/sediment control measures, and preparation of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.

Key Project Activities

  • Preparation of NY landfill expansion application
  • Site investigation
  • Engineering design
  • Part 360 permitting
  • Liner and cover system designs
  • Stability analyses
  • Stormwater management
  • Hydrogeology