Project Experience

Fraternity Meadows, LLC – Brownfield Redevelopment for Former Gallo Landfill

Paving the way for successful residential redevelopment of a Brownfield site

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Cornerstone personnel provide design, permitting, and monitoring/operations services in support of Brownfield redevelopment at the former Gallo Asphalt Landfill in Secaucus, New Jersey. Portions of this 60-acre Brownfields site had historically been used as an ash landfill and asphalt plant. In the 1970s, the landfill accepted primarily incinerator ash from a municipal solid waste incinerator. However, combustion was incomplete, and a soil gas survey of the property indicated the presence of combustible gas (methane) above the lower explosive limit, and other compounds at trace levels.

The site’s location, adjacent to the Hackensack River and a New Jersey Transit commuter station, made the property attractive for residential development. The redevelopment plan consists of ten multi-unit, multi-story residential buildings, with surrounding roadways and landscaped areas. To accommodate the development, sub-slab depressurization and monitoring systems were developed that would control the potential for vapor migration into the buildings and provide a means of monitoring that would protect residents without causing unnecessary concerns.

Cornerstone personnel designed the gas/vapor control system, which includes a Liquid Boot vapor barrier, as well as unique systems to monitor the potential for combustible gas.  Cornerstone personnel also prepared the required permit application documentation for air emissions from the gas/vapor control system. During the design, Cornerstone personnel demonstrated that the parking garage portions of the building were  open structures that would not require underslab gas/vapor control systems. The gas control systems for several buildings have been constructed, and Cornerstone continues to provide monitoring and operations assistance.

Key Project Activities

  • Sub-slab depressurization design
  • Monitoring system design
  • Air permit applications
  • Monitoring and operations support