Project Experience

City of Riverview, MI – Engineering and Environmental Monitoring Services at Riverview Land Preserve

Years of comprehensive services at nationally recognized landfill

City of RiverviewSince 1999, present day Cornerstone employees have provided engineering services to the City of Riverview, Michigan on its nationally recognized municipal solid waste landfill, the Riverview Land Preserve. Services include landfill monitoring and inspection, construction forecasting, environmental monitoring, construction management and construction quality assurance (CQA), as well as leachate management and landfill gas system design.

Work has included developing a closed section of the landfill into a municipal golf course. Other innovative initiatives include steps to reduce greenhouse gases, produce clean electricity, create a recreation area on-site, and work to maintain positive relations with community and business members.

Cornerstone is currently providing general engineering services for the entire landfill, including monitoring all media (groundwater, leachate, surface water, landfill gas and air), regular inspections of the landfill, construction forecasting, surveying, and support for ongoing landfill activities.

Cornerstone provided construction management and CQA services for a 15-acre cell and is performing engineering and hydrogeologic work to begin a lateral expansion. Recent capital projects included replacement of all existing single-walled leachate management components with dual-contained components. Most recently, Cornerstone designed and provided CQA and construction management services for the expansion of the landfill gas system.

Key Project Activities

  • Engineering and design services
  • Multi-media environmental monitoring services
  • Construction management services
  • Construction quality assurance (CQA) services
  • Hydrogeologic services