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CleanWorld – BioCNG Vehicle Fuel Project for Sacramento BioDigester at the Sacramento South Area Transfer Station

Project fuels waste hauling trucks with cheaper, cleaner-burning compressed natural gas produced from food waste digester gas

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BioCNG, LLC, an affiliate of Cornerstone Environmental Group, is assisting with the development of a BioCNG system for CleanWorld’s Sacramento BioDigester at the Sacramento South Area Transfer Station (SATS), in Sacramento, CA. The facility is converting 25 tons of food waste per day collected by Atlas Disposal Industries from area food processing companies, restaurants and supermarkets into renewable natural gas, electricity and heat, as well as fertilizer and high-quality soil amendments.

The patent-pending BioCNG system will use about 100 scfm of gas from a food waste digester, which will yield up to 450-DGE/day in fuel. The fuel will be used for waste hauling trucks. Atlas Disposal is developing California’s first anaerobic digestion-based renewable natural gas fueling station, which will use the BioCNG to fuel the company’s clean-fuel fleet and vehicles from area jurisdictions and agencies.

BioCNG provided fabrication, materials, and startup of a biogas conditioning skid for use with an existing compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. Work also included site equipment layout and piping design, integration with CleanWorld’s digester equipment, and integration with the CNG fueling station. Site layout, piping, condensate management, waste gas flaring, and controls were designed to accommodate the future addition of an additional BioCNG unit. Expansion of the facility to 100 tons per day is currently underway.

Key Project Activities

  • Development of small scale biogas-based fuel process to power CNG vehicles
  • Site design
  • Integration assistance