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Republic Services Group, Inc. (BFI Services Group) – Landfill Gas System Operations and Maintenance and Compliance Services for Azusa Landfill

Keeping this landfill on top of myriad regulatory requirements

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Cornerstone performs landfill gas (LFG) system operations and maintenance, and compliance services for the Azusa Land Reclamation Company Landfill, a 200-acre landfill located near Los Angeles in Azusa, California. The work includes LFG wellfield monitoring and tuning, compilation of monthly operating reports to the client, leachate recovery, flare station operations, operating and maintaining a condensate and leachate treatment system, groundwater level monitoring, performing general maintenance, surface emissions monitoring, greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring, and monthly reporting.

Cornerstone also assists Republic with reporting by assembling all Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction (SSM) Forms and completing a semi-annual questionnaire regarding the site’s compliance with the Title V permit conditions.

The landfill is owned by Waste Management, Inc. Cornerstone performs the O&M work through BFI Services Group, a division of Republic Services Group, Inc., who is responsible for O&M of the GCCS and wastewater treatment system, and LFG control environmental monitoring under a property sales agreement.

Key Project Activities

  • Compliance reporting
  • LFG wellfield monitoring and tuning
  • Leachate recovery
  • Flare station operations
  • O&M of condensate and leachate treatment system
  • Groundwater level monitoring
  • General maintenance
  • Surface emissions monitoring
  • GHG monitoring and reporting
  • Special projects as required