Project Experience

Antioch Community School District #117 – Operations and Maintenance Services for Antioch High School Gas-to-Energy System

Keeping LFG system under athletic fields in peak performance to ensure long-term system payback

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Cornerstone is performing landfill gas (LFG) system operations and maintenance services for the Antioch Community School District #117, in Antioch, IL, on the Waste Management HOD Landfill, a 51-acre closed landfill located beneath the Antioch High School athletic fields. Work includes coordinating operation of the landfill gas conditioning system with the operation of the gas-to-energy system, monitoring daily system performance, performing routine gas conditioning system maintenance and troubleshooting of turbines, pumps and heat exchangers, monitoring and reporting system electric output, and monitoring gas flow and concentration to gas conditioning system and turbines.

Cornerstone also prepares monthly and yearly reports based on environmental data collected in the field. In addition, Cornerstone is training District #117 staff to conduct a portion of the work, and is also working with the District to determine other operational improvements that will benefit the long-term system payback. Future plans include working with educators to develop educational programming related to innovative technology.

Key Project Activities

  • Coordinate LFG and LFGTE systems
  • Monitor daily system performance
  • Perform gas conditioning system and LFGTE equipment maintenance
  • Monitor and report electric output of system
  • Perform gas sampling
  • Conduct on-site inspections
  • Prepare cost benefit analyses
  • Environmental reporting