Project Experience

T.Y. Lin International – Solid Waste Engineering and Air Permitting for Synergy LLC Anaerobic Digester Facility

Innovative anaerobic digester produces electricity from manure and other organics


T.Y. Lin International solid wasteCornerstone provided engineering services for Part 360 Solid Waste and Air Permitting for the Synergy LLC biogas facility in Covington, New York, a 2,375,000 gallon digester that uses manure and other organic substrates to generate methane. The facility will combust the methane in one containerized combined heat and power unit to produce up to 2,248 kW and 4,550 MBTU per hour.

The biogas will be produced by mixing and anaerobically digesting manure and other available organic waste. The biogas will then be combusted in a reciprocating engine that drives a generator to produce electricity. Heat from the engine will be recovered for use in the process.

The process system consists of a steel digester tank, containerized support systems, one containerized combined heat and power generation (CHP) unit containing a single 1,966 bhp engine (Jenbacher JS 420), an enclosed flare and an existing manure collection system. Two additional concrete tanks will be used as a biofilter tank and a storage tank.

Key Project Activities

  • Part 360 solid waste permitting
  • Air permitting
  • Beneficial use determination (BUD)