Markets & Clients

Organics Management

Reusing organic waste to produce renewable products

Cornerstone assists solid waste and agricultural waste managers transition to effective resource management, incorporating alternative organics management to generate renewable products.

Whether considering incorporating composting, or anaerobic digestion or upgrading current systems, Cornerstone professionals complement site staff to guide and effect this change.

Organics management includes collection, processing, treatment and re-use of organic material such as green waste, food waste (pre & post consumer), biosolids, farm and dairy waste, forestry materials, MRF residue and as well as other materials.  Having served the solid waste industry for decades – permitting and designing waste handling facilities and biogas management systems – many of Cornerstone’s traditional solid waste-related core skills align perfectly with the needs of organics management projects.

What sets us apart in the Organics Management market?

  • Aerated static pile compost design experience
  • Core competencies that align with the compost and AD projects
  • Developed patent pending biogas conditioning system – BioCNG™
  • Recycling facility and solid waste permitting experience
  • Nationwide presence with a knowledge of local and regional issues

Our services for Organics customers

  • Aerated static pile composting
    • Permitting
    • Equipment recommendations (mixing, screening, moving)
    • Pad layout
    • Air distribution design
    •  Pilot plan development
    • Process logic diagrams for monitoring and operations
    • Site and civil design (drainage, traffic flow, roadway)
  • Anaerobic digesters (wet to dry)
    • Permitting to accept food waste
    • Equipment recommendations and layout for pretreatment and material processing
    • Building design, including air handling
    • Air permitting
    • Biogas collection/distribution/treatment/conversion
  • Development services
    • Feasibility and economic siting studies
    • Environmental site planning
    • Ongoing compliance support