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Alternative Energy Market

Using renewable fuels for our future energy

Founded by industry leaders who have developed and shaped alternative energy technology over the past 30 years, Cornerstone focuses on our clients’ bottom line by finding new ways to use renewable fuels for electricity, vehicle fuel and other energy needs. Rely on Cornerstone when you need help developing, permitting, constructing or operating your alternate energy project.

With a multitude of projects in landfill gas, biogas, and solar power, we match your project needs with maximizing the return from your existing landfill or brownfield site.

We use our alternative energy experience as a springboard to help municipalities, and public and private companies take advantage of exciting new technologies to produce economical energy sources that promote U.S. energy independence. Whether it’s using biogas for electricity, pipeline, direct use, or vehicle fuel projects, or for solar powered landfill cover systems, we are there to make your project a reality.

An eye on emerging natural gas services

As leaders in finding new ways to collect, distribute and use natural gas produced from non-conventional sources, we are in the forefront of emerging new technologies, including shale gas production.

What sets us apart in the Alternative Energy market?

  • Alternate energy expertise for more than 30 years
  • Proficiency with key aspects of alternate design and engineering
  • Trailblazer in incorporating innovative elements
  • Understanding the daily and long-term challenges faced by owners and operators
  • Nationwide presence with knowledge of local and regional issues
  • Providing sound yet balanced business and technical solutions

Our services for Alternative Energy clients

  • Feasibility and due diligence studies
  • Site and civil design
  • Permitting and entitlements
  • Air quality
  • Process and equipment design
  • Construction management
  • Operations and maintenance

Project Experience

BioCNG Vehicle Fuel Project at Rodefeld Landfill

Waste Conversion Design and Permitting for Biomass Energy Facility

Engineering and Compliance for Newton County LFG Pipeline

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“We are excited about helping private industries and municipalities apply BioCNG technology to produce their own vehicle fuel at a fraction of the cost of gasoline or diesel.”

Mark Torresani
Vice President