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Delivering papers and presentations prepared by industry experts, Cornerstone demonstrates leadership in the environmental industry.

Cornerstone attends an array of conferences related to the industries we serve, making presentations and delivering papers on a number of issues. We are pleased to share a selection of recent presentations and papers our technical experts have prepared.

Check back periodically for new material.


Presentations and Papers 2016


February, 2016 – Global Waste Management Symposium

Poster Session: Web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Better Landfill Stewardship,  by Aaron Weier 

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Presentations and Papers 2015



October 2015, MWCC Symposium

Using GIS to Make Better Decisions, by Aaron Weier

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April 13 – 14: 2015 SWANA NJ Chapter Annual Spring Conference

Odor and H2S Modeling and Its Implications, Permit Problems, by Edwin P. Valis, Jr.

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March 16-19, 2015: SWANAPALOOZA

Recent Trends in Biogas Conversion to High BTU Fuel

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March 6, 2015: Engineering Society of Detroit’s 25th annual Solid Waste Technical Conference at Michigan State University

GIS – using GIS to manage and analyze a landfill

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Papers and Presentations from 2014 and Previous Years

July 17, 2014

Presentations available for download from the Global Waste Management Symposium 2014.

The Journey to Designing an Aeration System for a CASP Facility. Presented by Paul Stout, PE.



2014 Federation of New York FNYSWA Spring Conference at the Sagamore Resort, Bolton Landing, NY. May 19-21, 2014

Presentations available for download from Cornerstone Environmental’s presenters on Monday, May 19th and Tuesday, May 20th.

Monday, May 19th

Panelist Discussion, Moderated by Prentiss Shaw

The Leachate Treatment and Disposal Albatross, Presented by Gary DiPippo (Cornerstone Environmental) and Richard Carbonaro (Mutch Associates)

Odor-Deal With It. A Case of Sites Dealing with Landfill Odors, Presented by Daryl O’Dell and co-authored with Matthew Beebe


Tuesday, May 20th

Differentiating Sources of Groundwater Plumes Near Landfills, Presented by William Soukup (Cornerstone Environmental) and Robert D. Mutch (Mutch Associates)

Making the Case for Geotechnical Instrumentation of Landfills – How Instrumentation Can Save Your Site, Presented by Robert Holmes

Turning the Corner at Brookhaven Landfill, Presented by Patrick Bell



Overliner or Landfill Mining? By Prentiss A. Shaw, Martin L. Ryan, Patrick M. Bell

Best approach for a landfill expansion for an unlined landfill. Presented at the SWANA Landfill Symposium on March 26, 2014.

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Leaping Forward to Energy Recovery – Increasing Your GCCS Output and Removing Sulfur to Bring an Energy Project Online, By Maura E. Dougherty, PE, Paul Stout, PE, Anthony M. Pelletier, PE, W. Todd Whittle

An overview of challenges associated with incorporating all of the design variables for a large project with multiple interested parties, while meeting timelines and meeting compliance requirements.



Let’s Install it Once – Case Study on Caisson Wells, By Kyung J. Kho, P.E., Paul D. Flory, Esq.

Ways to avoid problems when operating GCCS components in active fill areas. Find out how to avoid having repeatedly replace extraction wells and header pipelines.



Landfill Gas System Considerations at High-Btu Landfills, By W. Jay Martin, PE, MS

An interesting examination of some of the challenges and opportunities in operating a project while maintaining both environmental compliance and quality inlet gas.




Comparison of 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional Surface Water Models for Floodplain Delineation and Surface Water Design at Landfill Facilities, By Garth R. Bowers, PE, Carl E. Bueter, PE, Larry Henk

An interesting comparison of one-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling used in siting and design of landfill facilities.



GHG Beyond Reporting, By Kyle Nay

Get the background on GHG rulemaking and learn the significance of the rules, as well as the implications of the new Tailoring Rule that recently went into effect.





The Negative Effect of Delayed Landfill Closure, By Mark Swyka and Gary DiPippo

An interesting case study on the effect of delayed landfill closure, with information on a 40-acre site with an unlined cell and groundwater contamination. Learn the results of delaying capping, including what happened, what could have happened, and why it’s not a good idea to delay capping, especially where there is evidence of groundwater contamination.



The New Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) Non-Mining General Permit for Storm Water Discharges, By Craig Young

Learn what these new regulations are and what you need to do to comply with them.