About Us

Values and Vision

Seeking to manage today’s resources with an eye towards the future.

Cornerstone is built on the principle of “Building Lifetime Relationships with our Clients and Employees.” Our collective vision recognizes and aspires to the high level of integrity and trust necessary to build these lasting relationships – outward with our clients and inward with Cornerstone’s environmental professionals. Our vision is based on the appreciation that Cornerstone is best served when we individually and collectively serve the best interest of our clients and our staff.

At Cornerstone, we believe it is absolutely crucial that we know and understand our clients’ business and the key factors that contribute to their success. With this understanding, we tailor our response to apply the very best of time-proven remedies and the latest in materials and techniques to meet our clients’ engineering, remediation, and compliance objectives.

None of the markets we serve are stagnant. Their landscape continues to evolve with the promulgation of each new and ever more stringent regulation. At the same time, new investigative techniques, evolving processes, and shifting economics continue to change the environmental landscape. This reality, coupled with society’s commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle and a growing acceptance of waste as a resource, is leading towards tremendous new developments.

We at Cornerstone are committed to embracing advances in the services we offer, including new investigative and analytical techniques, and using them to benefit our clients. Through constant communication among project team members and our clients, the entire Cornerstone project team stays in touch and remains focused on the ultimate project goals.

Cornerstone Senior Managers

“Cornerstone has been fortunate to have a great group of clients and a dedicated roster of employees, many of whom have been with us since our inception. As we grow and expand, we will always seek to follow our guiding vision, building lifetime relationships with our clients and employees.”

Rich Peluso, Co-founder & Project Manager